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About Dordon Food House

Dordon Food House offers fresh, homemade food made daily for the entire family, delivered straight to your door. Dordon Food House uses the freshest spices and ingredients available to ensure our Burgers & Chicken, Pizza, Turkish never disappoints. Whether you are looking for a light dinner or a full meal for the family, Dordon Food House can deliver it all. Try Dordon Food House, where you're sure to get wonderful food delivered straight to you.

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11 Brown's Lane
Dordon, B781TR

Customer Favourites


a generous layer of special blend of cheese and tomato sauce on pizza dough


pepperoni, pepperoni, pepperoni and more pepperoni


chicken, onion, mixed peppers and bbq sauce


pepperoni, sausage, ham, spicy beef and salami



Customer Reviews of Dordon Food House

469 reviews


  • Never really enjoyed it as when i got my order it wasn't hot but warm.


  • I had to wait nearly 2 hours. Delivery guy said there was a problem with the gas in Dordon. On the phone I was told they had just started having gas problem and had been busy. I am sure restaurants can contact customers.


  • the food was supposed to be delivered 7:10 and it's now 7:50 and it's still not delivered, very poor service


  • 40 mins late and all food was cold


  • Kebab meats were great unfortunately the 'salad' was very disappointing. We requested cucumber salad on 2 choices and tomato salad on a third. When it arrived the so called salad was just 3 pieces of cucumber and 3 pieces of tomato........ We regularly use this place but would normally order over the phone and then pick it up ourselves, and have never been disappointed before. Surely using the Just Eat App, should not affect the standard of the food. But it seems that in this case it may have.


  • X


  • very poor! item changed without asking me. salad not as I have ordered. Bread is butter bread but unfortunately no garlic bread as ordered. Dessert like from McDonalds. never again


  • Fab can't fault it x


  • Bang on as always, best kebab for miles.


  • God food 👍😉


  • huge and tasty


  • This was definetlly the worst pizza I have ever had. Never order again.


  • Better than your run of the mill keebab, I know they deliver but I'd even collect it on a rainy night in my slippers it's that good.


  • pimp


  • an hour late, barely warm, rude delivery guy. 10/10, wont be ordering from here again thats for sure.